Monday, January 5, 2015

Urban Myth Investigators

I'm kicking 2015 off right and releasing my comic, Urban Myth Investigators!

Urban Myth Investigators is an all-ages comics about a team of cryptids that investigate disturbances or other urban myths and anomalies. The UMI team is lead by Earl The Gnome, with Steve Sasquatch, and the rookie Chupie, a chupacabra. Plus, they're assisted by B.O.T., an A.I. encyclopedia of the universe.

Today is the first day the comic will be updated online, and it will be updated every Monday.


I'm in the process of finishing up the PDF, and the digital comic should be available to purchase next week. Then the physical comic should be available in February.

Plus, I've just finished drawing issue two of Urban Myth Investigators, so that's awesome!

Be sure to check out the comic. Thanks!


Thursday, January 1, 2015

My word for 2015 is...

Moxie. I love the definition sign's last few words. Just plain guts. You got to have moxie to achieve what you want to achieve. Yesterday I talked about the determination for accomplishing my goals, so in a nutshell I need moxie. Courage, drive, determination, the absolute wherewithal inside of myself to not take no for an answer. To get out there and do it!

Do you have the moxie to follow your dreams?

Let's do it!!!