Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Urban Myth Investigators KICKSTARTER

Hey there!
I know I don’t update my blog enough, but I usually only post updates about convention appearances (which I haven’t had in a while) and new projects (which take time to complete), and I’ve got one of those.
Urban Myth Investigators has been finished for a bit now, and I’ve finally put up the Kickstarter to fund the printing.
If you don’t know what Kickstarter is, it’s a website where people can pledge a certain amount of money to help found a project and “kickstart” it into action. In my case, this kickstarter project is to fund a print-run for the first issue of my comic book, Urban Myth Investigators. UMI is about a team of cryptids who investigate other cryptids/urban myths and paranormal disturbances. It involves a gnome, Earl, a sasquatch(aka Bigfoot) Steve, and the team rookie member, a chupacabra, Chupie.
It’s a very fun look at this team that takes one part Scooby-Doo and one part The Hangover, mixes it all together and you get this funny, buddy/team book, about the UMI boys sent on missions when things go bump in the night.
If you like comedies, big foots, urban myths and just fun comic book, please be sure to check it out. If you can’t pledge, please help out by spreading the word.

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