Monday, August 17, 2015

It's not how many times you fall down...

I don't think I'm in any position to give any advice about comics. Whether it's breaking in to comics, or making comics, or selling comics. I'm just trying to figure it out as I go.

As it is right now, I have published a terribly bad first comic, struggled through a webcomic, published two mini-comics that, while not outstanding by any means, were remarkably better than the first comic book I published, and now have two more full comic books out and published. The said two mini-comics and latest two full comic books are the Cutlery mini-comics and Urban Myth Investigators, respectively. And they can be downloaded as my digital comic shop, *plug*plug*

There are times when I get a little down, and think my dream of becoming a full-time comic book writer and cartoonist is never going to happen (and by "full-time" I mean being able to support myself fully on my creative works). Those times, as far as I've read, seen, and researched seem to happen to a lot of creative souls.

But then I plop myself down at my desk, whip out a pencil, some pens and some paper and just press on. Just keep moving forward, because this is what I want to do.

Getting a little personal here, I'm in my thirties, though many people tell me I don't even look 21. I've come to grips with family life just not being for me. Sure, it could happen, but by happenstance and by choice, I'm single, with no one I need to support but myself. That means, I do have a leg up, in pursuing my dreams, as crass as that may sound. I don't have a wife, or a child that depends on me to feed, or pay bills, or even spend time with. Like I said, I'm come to grips with that, for the most part. Because of the career I want. So I draw. I write. I create.

My current comic book being published right now is Urban Myth Investigators. Currently the first two issues are available to download, and on the website,, is being updated currently with pages from the second issue. I update that webcomic through tumblr, as a means of easy navigation, and more importantly, an easy way for people to come across it and to share it. Today I gained my 14th follower on the tumblr site.

As low as that number may seem, I got that notification today and smiled. After three month of posting pages, I'm slowly building an audience.

And now in the next couple months I will be at two comic conventions, to hopefully keep growing that audience.

There's a saying, that it's not how many times you fall down, but how many times you get up. You have to keep pressing forward. I will achieve my goal of becoming a full-time cartoonist. It will happen. You have to believe. I believe.

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