Monday, December 5, 2016

Going big in 2017

Just updating the blog with a quick update on what I'm working on right now. I posted this over on my facebook page, but figured I should update the blog too.

I had fully intended to have my comic, Urban Myth Investigators, finished by October, but of course things didn't go as plan. I've since pushed back the release date to February of 2017.

After that, in April I plan on releasing the first book in my YA superhero series, Freshman Sidekick. This is book 1 in a four book series. Hopefully I can get them all edited in time and I plan on releasing each book one month apart. If you like shows like The Flash or that "can't catch a break" type character like Peter Parker, I think you'll enjoy Freshman Sidekick.

Then, in Q3 of 2017, I will be releasing book 1 in my YA urban fantasy series, Silverbane, of the Blackgate Trilogy. More on that later next year. Basically, if you like werewolves and vampires, and are fans of shows like Teen Wolf or Vampire Diaries, I think you'll like it.

I'm not looking at 2017 as a make it or break it year, but I'm definitely pushing harder next year with my output and trying to really hit the market hard with my publishing schedule. As such, I don't plan on tabling any conventions. 2017 is all about production. Go big or go home.

Alright, that's it for now.

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